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Consumers, predominantly women, queue for kerosene at Total filling station, Iponri, near Surulere, Lagos
Women’s Rights

We offer free legal services and take urgent action to challenge discriminatory practices and injustices in public and private life affecting women and girls.

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Environmental Justice

Social, economic or cultural development and natural resource management must not be carried out in a way that threatens the sustainability of livelihoods, human settlements and the environment.

Youth development
Youth Development

We work to inspire young people to embrace new ways of thinking and acting by helping them understand the significance of their participation in public decision-making.

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Economic Governance

We specialize in turning boring oil policy documents and complex technical jargons into must-read materials with powerful narratives designed to increase public understanding and participation in the formulation and implementation of economic policies and programs in Nigeria.

housing and urban governance
Housing and Urban Governance

We deliver programs and activities that improve security of tenure, redress housing rights violations, prevent forced evictions and increase public participation in urban planning processes.

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Security and Conflict

We utilize new media advocacy, community engagement and policy action to increase the voice, and capacity of the youth and local communities to campaign for peace and respect for human rights in Nigeria.

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What People Say About Us

  • This e-conference compelled me to download the draft PIB and to peep in it. I intend to study it at length. I'm glad it was informative, educative, interactive as well as intellectually stimulating. Kudos to all our good people @Spaces4Change. Take a bow.
  • To the entire human race we need positive change to make a better future. We must embrace and accept change in our heart. In this world positive change, is essential to humanity. Change is a transformation to the next level. I love positive change. Tanks @spaces4change.

  • Highly educative and horizon-broadening. Getting to share ideas with people from all works of life.
  • Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri whenever I see the key issues you raise and your approach to handling them, am proud to know and identify with you, am encourage to believe the Nigeria project will succeed with your types around no matter how few we are. It takes a little salt to season a concoction of soup ingredients and a spark to cause a wild fire in dry season. KEEP UP THE FIGHT.
  • ‎@Victoria! I was remarkably impressed with the style and skills of your moderation. I am delighted and most grateful for your invite. Cheers
  • Well done folks,well done!!! Vicky I'm so glad to have you as an old time friend and mate... I'm really so proud of you.Thanks Pamela Braide, you have been wonderful. Kelechi Decca, thumbs up. Samuel Diminas, I salute you and all other discussants and participants... You have made today remarkable and a day to always remember as long as E-media is in existence. I'm really grateful to all for the good turn out.. This goes a long way to say that we all vehemently need positive changes in all the sectors of our good Nation, Nigeria. We want to see Nigeria transform into an enviable nation.