Spaces for Change is a non-profit organization working to infuse human rights into social and economic governance processes in Nigeria.

Through digital crowd-sourcing, research, policy analysis, advocacy, youth engagement, public interest litigation and community action, we aim to increase the participation of Nigerian youth, women and communities in the development of social and economic policy, and also help public authorities and corporate entities to put a human rights approach at the heart of their decision-making.


Consumers, predominantly women, queue for kerosene at Total filling station, Iponri, near Surulere, Lagos
Women’s Rights

We offer free legal services and take urgent action to challenge discriminatory practices and injustices in public and private life affecting women and girls.

Environmental Justice

Social, economic or cultural development and natural resource management must not be carried out in a way that threatens the sustainability of livelihoods, human settlements and the environment.

Youth development
Youth Development

We work to inspire young people to embrace new ways of thinking and acting by helping them understand the significance of their participation in public decision-making.

Economic Governance

We specialize in turning boring oil policy documents and complex technical jargons into must-read materials with powerful narratives designed to increase public understanding and participation in the formulation and implementation of economic policies and programs in Nigeria.

housing and urban governance
Housing and Urban Governance

We deliver programs and activities that improve security of tenure, redress housing rights violations, prevent forced evictions and increase public participation in urban planning processes.

Security and Conflict

We utilize new media advocacy, community engagement and policy action to increase the voice, and capacity of the youth and local communities to campaign for peace and respect for human rights in Nigeria.

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