Spaces for Change is a non-profit organization working to infuse human rights into social and economic governance processes in Nigeria. Through digital crowd-sourcing, research, policy analysis, advocacy, youth engagement, public interest litigation and community action, we aim to increase the participation of Nigerian youth, women and communities in the development of social and economic policy, and also help public authorities and corporate entities to put a human rights approach at the heart of their decision-making.


Spaces for Change (S4C) began in May 2011 as an online youth movement on Facebook with the objective to provide a coordinated platform for the youth to engage in an informed debate about social and economic policies and programs in Nigeria. It capitalized on the accessibility of the social media to promote public participation, especially of young people in democratic governance, while reinforcing the philosophy of youth engagement in critical issues bordering on economic governance, environmental justice, security and urban development.

The movement’s increasing membership and its growing popularity as a no-holds-barred platform for robust intellectual engagement and change-driven youth action impelled the decision to transmute into a more structured organization that can take good work to scale. The organization was legally registered as a not-for-profit in March 2012. S4C has a five-member board of trustees, with a healthy balance in favour of women.


Our vision is to build a society of responsible young people and committed citizens working together to found a more peaceful and prosperous Nigeria, based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights for all.


Our mission is to build the capacity of Nigerian citizens, especially of young people to participate in social and economic decision-making processes, and empower them to address development issues that affect their lives at the community, national and international levels.


  1. To infuse human rights into social and economic decision-making processes and platforms in Nigeria.

  2. To empower the Nigerian youth , vulnerable individuals, disadvantaged and poorest communities in rural and urban areas to participate actively in social and economic decision making processes, and to become actors of social change.

  3. To design and implement programs that accelerate the social and economic development of the Nigerian youth.

  4. Publicizing and drawing global attention to social and economic injustices, human rights abuses, corruption and egregious acts of impunity whether occurring in the public and private sectors, specifically by investigating, documenting and reporting such actions, or conducting or commissioning research (and publishing the results of such research).

  5. Promoting and protecting the interdependence and invisibility of all human rights – be it civil and political, social, economic and cultural rights – as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights(ICCPR);and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR).


pamela braidePamela Braide

Pamela is a development communications and public relations consultant who has worked for organizations and projects such as the Heart of Africa Programme, Federal Ministry of Heath, and the Amnesty Programme for Niger Delta militants. She volunteers in social change initiatives around the issues of youth employment and women’s leadership.

diminasSamuel Diminas

Samuel Diminas is a founding director with Baysludge UK Ltd and Baysludge (Nig) Ltd. He plays a key role in the development of programs and strategy for Spaces for Change, especially in its objectives and aspirations to nurture and transform young Nigerians into powerful agents of social justice.

sisterReverend Sister Dr. Anastasia Njoku

An obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Njoku has served as secretary and national co-coordinator of the family and human life unit, the catholic secretariat of Nigeria. She is passionately committed to issues involving women, children, human life, justice, development and peace.

victoria ibezim ohaeriVictoria Ibezim-Ohaeri

Victoria, an SXSW 2013 honoree, is a Harvard-trained lawyer, researcher & community engagement specialist. In her decade-long legal career & involvement in social and economic rights research and advocacy, she has traversed four continents: Africa, Europe, North America and South America, leading research investigations, documenting and exposing human rights violations, formulating and analyzing social and economic policy at national, regional and international levels. She also specializes in monitoring and analyzing policies, programs and legislation affecting energy, conflict, housing, environment, women and children.


victoria ibezim ohaeri
Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri

executive director


Aizighode Obinyan

advocacy & administrations associate

Godwin Ogla

legal officer

Ndutimobong Enang

research communication officer 

Rejoice Joy
Rejoice Collins Imozemeh

office administrator


Temitope Adeyinka

oil policy analyst

Kalu Aja

online administrator


Legal Analyst

The candidate for this post will:

• Read and analyze complex legal instruments, federal policy documents, technical procedures and governmental regulations in the environmental, natural resource, security and energy sectors.
• Conduct extensive legal research and prepare timely communications to a range of policy, technical, administrative and regulatory audiences, including clients, corporate bodies, groups and communities.
• Engage and present research and policy information to high-level government officials, policymakers, federal and state lawmakers, public groups, and communities.
• Prepare legal processes such as pleadings, written discovery, depositions, motions and briefs without supervision.

And should possess:

• Minimum of three years post-call experience in litigation and legal advocacy
• Three years’ experience in media advocacy and engagement on rule of law and human rights matters;
• Experience in dealing with multiple stakeholders including the media, judiciary, CSOs, and adjudication institutions in a developing country;
• Demonstrated experience in developing activity work plans, budgets, implementing programmatic activities, and providing short-term technical assistance.

Secretary/Office Manager

The successful candidates should:
• Be able to type at great speed, combined with strong written and oral communication skills;
• Have demonstrable experience managing confidential information, online and hardware databases, servers and high-volume online discussion forums;
• Be proficient in Microsoft Applications, CorelDraw, Excel and power point applications;
• Provide secretarial and administrative support to the executive director, and for the day-to-day operations of the various departments within the organisation,
• Facilitate internal communications and administration;
• Keep detailed minutes of staff, program and Board meetings; and
• Maintain up-to-date organization’s records and database, assist with program logistics and manage all correspondence directed to the organization;

Qualification and experience:
A first degree or HND in secretarial studies, mass communications, office management, or a related field;
Minimum of two years experience in a similar position;
Candidate must be fluent in English Language, smart and able to work with less supervision.

Media Officer

• The successful candidate will provide the following services:
• Using organizational activities, current and future programs to develop original news content and information to our viewers/listeners and members, including radio and TV program listings, local news, local and national policy information and reviews,
• Developing content, managing the organization’s website, blogs and social media accounts, and ensuring the quality, accuracy, consistency and style of the information placed therein.
• Works with the executive director to establish strategy, content and news priorities for all the organizations online portals. S/he will also ensure that such content is updated on a daily basis.
• Will establish metric goals for tracking site usage of all pages within the organization’s online platforms, and for visitor interaction with online content, promotions and revenue generating activities.
• Keep up-to-date on trends in Web content, design and management, in a rapidly changing technological environment.
• Serve as the editor of the organization’s newsletter and other e-communications. This includes determining content, working with contributors, selecting, editing and sizing photos and graphics, ensuring all links work properly and ensuring the overall usability and accuracy of the newsletter and our array of online platforms.

• Excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skills required. Excellent command of English language, grammar and style
• Ability to generate creative article ideas out of reports, policy papers, legislations, and fresh approaches to familiar subjects. Excellent editorial skills required.
• Bachelor’s degree in mass communications, English language, journalism, public relations and New Media equivalent required.
• Proven experience creating, editing and managing content in a print, broadcast and online setting.
• Minimum of four years experience working with large scale website management and administration and experience leading a Web team and working with numerous outside vendors/partners to reach strategic goals.
• Demonstrated success as a creative, effective and forward-thinking team leader is required.
• Experience in mentoring, managing and helping colleagues to create content that meets the expectations of internal and external audiences, meets the organization’s editorial and image standards and is original, thoughtful and in-depth.
• Adept at supervising and coordinating several projects and under the constraints of a tight budget and absolute deadlines.
• Knowledge of the following software: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Netscape Composer, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Protools, Helix Producer, Cool Edit 2000, Microsoft Office Programs.
• Experience in a public broadcasting setting, preferably in a New Media department is an added advantage.